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Events in San Francisco | Pride Parade

The Pride Parade draws attendees from around the world. Our San Francisco Hotel welcomes guests who come for this and other Events in San Francisco.

June 27, 2015 to June 28, 2015

Pride Parade is an Event in San Francisco that attracts attendees from around the country.

About Pride Parade:
Now in its 45th year, the LGBT Pride Celebration and Pride Parade will be held over the last weekend in June. This year’s theme is “Equality without Exception”. The parade will feature over 200 contingents, and this world famous LGBT celebration is one of the world’s largest.

The celebrations seem to get more elaborate each year. The weekend features a number of booths, live performances, speakers, and family activities. One of the groups that will be represented are Dykes on Bikes, previously known as Women's Motorcycle Contingent (WMC). This group is usually at the front of the parade on motorcycles.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), often one of the largest contingents with several hundred supporters in attendance, also play a prominent role in the success of this Event in San Francisco. The Leather Contingent includes members of the gay, lesbian, bi and transgender demographics. The Pride Celebration and Parade is always a fun time, and there are activities suitable for families and other best left to the adults.

Those who want to support the rights of the LGBT community and have a great time doing it should consider attending this Event in San Francisco. Many of the Activities take place a short distance from our San Francisco Hotel. If you’re attending the Pride Parade or other Pride Celebration events then consider staying at the chicest Hotel in the City – Hotel Diva.