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Events in San Francisco | Fleet Week San Francisco

Fleet Week San Francisco is an annual Event that is popular with both locals and guests at our San Francisco Accommodations.

October 5, 2015 to October 12, 2015

Fleet Week San Francisco is a yearly Event that celebrates American sea services and brings together both military and civilians for preparedness in the face of disaster. Find your San Francisco Accommodations close to the bay and take part in one of the finest Events in San Francisco.

About San Francisco Fleet Week:
Fleet Week is a model interagency cooperation. The United States Military Fleet Week presentation fosters the working together of military and civilian first responders while advancing shared knowledge with civilian’s emergency management teams.

Military humanitarian assistance and disaster response personnel are not only the best in the world, but are most often the first on the scene of any worldwide natural disasters. Frequently, it is the United States sea support vessels that arrive ahead of other organization and begin implementation efforts for rescue and relief. 

As a world model for other Fleet Week events, the activities, training, and real life interactive demonstrations show some of the best methods for all avenues of humanitarian aid. Training for civilian nurses, doctors, and first responders, the military battlefield shock and trauma teams share medical information and response triage, search and rescue plans, water purification, and portable solar powered energy sources with the other agency first responders. With realistic training and demonstrations, urban search and rescue site examples, and K9 human survivor and recovery, the event offers unmatched educational opportunities for first responders. But this Event in San Francisco is not all business!

It’s the fun side of things that attracts most of the men, women, and children who come to enjoy San Francisco Fleet Week. Millions attend the Event every day. They come to see the Blue Angels, and other aerial performance teams. Groups such as Lucas Oil Air, Show line, the Navy Leap Frogs, the Patriots Jet Team, and the elite United States Coast Guard H-65 helicopter put on unforgettable shows.      

Attendees can also enjoy boarding the water and aircraft, meeting and interacting with members of the teams and the armed forces. Hotel Diva is located near this popular Event in San Francisco. Our luxury San Francisco Accommodations are a perfect choice for those coming to the City for this or other Events. Planning a visit? View our current Special Offers or call 844.592.4559.