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Alcatraz Island is a popular San Francisco Attraction that is a can’t-miss for many guests at our San Francisco Hotel.

One and a half miles off shore of San Francisco

Alcatraz Island is a San Francisco Attraction filled with history, legends, and the chance to explore the past.

About Alcatraz Island:
Easily the most famous place of interest in the Bay Area, Alcatraz Island, or “The Rock” as it was referred to by former employees and “guests”, was as notorious for the notable criminals who called it home as it was for the living conditions they were subject to during their stay.

Its reputation of being escape-proof provides additional mystique and was the reason Alcatraz Island held a number of the most dangerous criminals of the 20th century.

Upon setting foot on this San Francisco Attraction, you can come to your own conclusions about The Rock being impossible to escape from, or just ask Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers, who did escape in the summer of 1962 and were never found.

Alcatraz was part of the Federal Prison System from 1934 till 1963 and had an inmate capacity of 312. Prior to being a Federal Prison Alcatraz Island was property of the U.S. Army complete with a citadel and a military prison. The main building of the military prison became the main prison building for Alcatraz, and it contained all four cell blocks.

Also found on Alcatraz, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, is the oldest lighthouse still in operation on the west coast of the United States.

Many know of Alcatraz Island from movies like The Rock starring Sean Connery, and Escape from Alcatraz starring Clint Eastwood. The latter tells the story of Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers’ escape.

This San Francisco Attraction is maintained and operated by the National Park Service and can only be reached by ferry from Pier 33, which is near Fisherman’s Wharf and our San Francisco Hotel. Since Alcatraz Island is a very popular Attraction, tours often sell out. If you plan to include The Rock on your itinerary then we suggest that you reserve your tickets in advance.

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Open daily except Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day
First ferry departs at 9 a.m.

$30 to $63.50 per person depending on selected tour