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Things to do in San Francisco | Drive to Napa Valley

Taking a Drive to Napa Valley is a wonderful Thing to do in San Francisco during a stay at Hotel Diva.

Looking for Things to do in San Francisco? Consider taking a short drive to Napa Valley. Many guests of Hotel Diva choose to enjoy this popular Activity, and most find that the drive is well worth it.

About Driving to Napa Valley:
Napa Valley is located about 70 miles from Hotel Diva, and it takes less than 2 hours to get there by car. Much of the drive is scenic, and once you arrive, you’ll find plenty to do and see.

Many people think only of wine when they think of Napa Valley. When you consider the gorgeous vineyards and amazing wineries located there, it’s easy to understand why. But there is much more to Napa Valley including outdoor Activities, Attractions, and culinary adventures.

For those who do want to explore the wineries and vineyards, many options are available. Some of the options for visiting wine country are bus tours, bike tours, and luxury tours, and all have the aim of providing a glimpse at some of the picturesque vineyards and a look behind-the-scenes at top Napa Valley wineries.

Examples of other Things to Do during your visit to Napa Valley include:

  • Relaxing at a spa
  • Browsing the selections at farmers markets
  • Taking a class at a Napa Valley cooking school
  • Enjoying a ride on the wine train
  • Going up in a hot air balloon
  • Bicycle or motorcycle tours

To avoid rush hour, we recommend that you leave Hotel Diva at about 10 a.m. That will allow you to avoid the heaviest traffic. The Concierge at Hotel Diva will be happy to provide any of our guests with directions to Napa Valley, but it is an easy and scenic ride that you’re sure to enjoy.

Taking a drive to Napa Valley is a wonderful way to spend a day during your next stay at our Hotel in San Francisco.